Monday, June 16, 2008

Williams reading… Chapters 9 and 10

3 Relationships of Type

Concordance – using one type family without much variety in style, size and weight. Williams gives the example of using a larger letter for the first letter in a word or using the italic version of the font. Your design can seem dull if you use this type of relationship and this would be the safest route to take in design.

Conflicting – using typefaces that are different families but have similar qualities. They are not quite the same, but also a little different and it causes conflict with the observer. This relationship should be avoided.

Contrasting – using two different typefaces that have elements that are clearly different. It makes the design visually appealing and exciting say Williams. Williams also states that using contrast can be fun. (this is still a little overwhelming for me right now and I am hoping that after I start to “get it” more.. it will actually be fun!! )

Categories of Type (jotting down notes)

Old Style – Serifs are a an angle on lowercase. Curved shapes are thick/thin transition (kind of thin to kind of thinner).

Modern- very thin, horizontal serif and radial thick/thin transitions. Not a good typeface for large amounts of type.

Slab serif – little or no thick/thin transition. The serifs are horizontal and thick. This type is often used in Children’s books.

San Serif – No serif – (this one is the easiest for me to remember)little or no thick/thin transitions, the same thickness throughout.

Script – appears to be handwritten with a calligraphy pen or brush.

Decorative – this just looks very distinct like it is telling story with letters.

I fiddled through the quizzes.. shewww.. these are hard. I have been practicing a little trying to figure what type is what… this will be something that I am going to have to read over and over. I am going to quit for tonight and look this over again tomorrow before reading the next few chapters.

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Tiffany Miller said...

I am glad I am not the only one who thought the quizzes were hard. I thought they were super-easy while I was doing them... until I looked at the answers and realized I didn't get them all right!

Sometimes the thick/thin transitions are so slight... it's hard to tell the differences between the old style vs. modern vs. slab serif.