Monday, June 23, 2008

My thoughts and observations on the articles for this week

First article – Color in Education

I found in interesting to think about using faux chrome in an automotive vocation classroom, or using colors of race cars to enhance the learning environment. Another thing that I found interesting was to think about using different colors in classrooms in different areas of the country. For example using orange in a sunny state might over stimulate the learners as using grays in classrooms in the northern states where winters are gray is not a good choice either.

I really liked the idea of using paint as a cheap alternative to updating schools. My favorite idea was to get the children involved in the paint selection process. - Color Matters

I realized the importance of a good monitor after reading this article. Interesting that even if you have a good video card, good operating system and also good application software, the color can be distorted by a cheap monitor. It was crazy to see the differences in color that a different viewer sees depending on the computer components.

I had no idea the amount of effort that went into creating colors and getting colors to our computers. I made my head spin. I often think about things like this and think how in the world did someone come up with that sequence to make it happen?

Another interesting fact that as color technology in video improved, it switched from digital to analog. I liked how the article went on the explain how all the components worked together and it also suggested if you are in the market for a new monitor, to actually bring your PC in to test out the different monitors and how compatible they are with your particular components. - Green trivia..

Very interesting tidbits about green. I am glad that in the US we wear white wedding gowns.. though my bridesmaids did wear green.

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