Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The idea of repetition is to repeat some element throughout the whole desgin. This could include a bold font, a thick line, a certain bullet, color or even spacial relationships. Most already use this concept in their designs but Robin stated that you have to learn to push the idea further. She also refers to the aspect of repetition as consistancy throughout the design. This concept should be carried on especially when you are doing a muliple page production. The designer should make sure that the repetition carries through throughout the whole publication.

I really like the idea of pulling ot some part of the repetition on a design and using it in related designs like in a resume and cover letter or an invitation and the envelope in which is will go. I also really liked how the repetitive circle was used on page 61 on the Mom & Pop stationary. The repetitive dot was used in a larger dot with a picture of mom in the bottom left hand corner and then creatively made very large in the middle of the piece with its colors changed. Robin called this “unity with variety”.

I am so amazed at all of the different things that have been done thus far. My head is starting to spin (it does not help that it is almost 11 pm and way past my bedtime again!) One last style of repetition that peaked my interest was using the same type face, but varying the colors. Good night for now! Onto Chapter 5 on Contrast tomorrow.

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