Monday, June 16, 2008

After reading the first three articles recommended for this week, I was left uncertain of the difference between typeface and font. As I probably said before, I need things spelled out for me (some of the reason why this class is going to be challenging to me as I have a hard time thinking outside the box). I found three more articles doing a Google search and I think that it is becoming a little clearer than mud about the difference between the two. It is my understanding that typeface is the creative style of the letters (or symbols) and font is the different size, or aspect of the typeface including bold, italic and underline. I am hoping that I have this somewhat under control before I start reading the required selections of reading for this week… and maybe the reading will help cement these differences. I am hoping!

Three articles in case others are challenged like I am..

Let me also add that it does not help that all Microsoft products call both FONT..

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djr said...

Well, as Microsoft is in charge of computers and computer lingo we will probably lose the wonderful word "typography." What a shame that they call all the shots!