Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chapter 11 – Type Contrast

It is amazing what you can do by changing the elements of the type cast. There are 5 ways to Contrast using type cast. Size, Weight, Structure, Form, Direction and Color.

Size.. the thing that stuck out for me the most is if you are going to use different fonts for Contrast.. make it noticeable.. do not just go up one size.. make the change very noticeable. She uses her famous “do not be a Wimp” line to sum it up.

Weight …. Emphasize the difference in the boldness .. again.. do not be a wimp.. (I think she likes that saying!)

Structure .. use two families with different structures.. she emphasizes that this is where you need to make sure that you learned the principles in the last chapter about the different families and make your self very familiar.

Form … try to stay away from using all Caps as it takes up more space and also the form of the letters are all the same.

Direction.. I found using a thin column with few words very visually appealing and will try to remember this trick.

Color… using black and white to show color is still a little confusing to me. From what I am understanding it is more like shades of gray… I did pick up the tip that warm colors take notice.
I do find it interesting that she keeps saying that you should invest in this type of typeface and that. My question is.. how?

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