Thursday, June 12, 2008

Universal Principles of Design pg 38 Color

Colors – I must say that color really intimidates me and I wish that I could say that I understood everything that I read on page 38 about colors. I am glad that we there is a whole session dedicated to color because I certainly need to help. I have a hard time even distinguishing between warms and cools.

I learned that you should not use more than 5 colors on a design. I also learned that you have to be careful when combining saturated colors, because they can interfere with one another and increase eye fatigue.

The most interesting bit of information that I took from this reading is that there is no clear evidence supporting general effects of color on emotion or mood. This is a myth that I have heard over and over.

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Ashley Baker said...

It's nice to hear that I'm not the only person that's a bit color illiterate. I substituted for a kindergarten art class once this year and was put to shame on warm and cool colors.

You made the important point of mentioning color's non-effect on mood. This suprised me too, but made more logical sense when I considered the book's assertion that all color's carry different forms of symbolism throughout the world.