Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 7 and I need a life boat

UGH.. is all I can say.. I am not getting anywhere with the Instructional Website. I put in at least 12 hours last week downloading and watching tutorials for WebExpression. I do not know at lot about HTML or CSS style sheets so I am trying to figure out the coding and design at the same time in additional to figuring out how to use WebExpression. It is too overwhelming and I have not even gotten to the part where I can actually start creating the content of the website which is actually the focus of this assignment. I have half of my home page created and that is it... (without content, buttons, links, images.............)

The good news is I saved money on car insurance.. (HA, old Geico commerical.. anyone remember.. side note.. we actually did save money last week while shopping around for car insurance so despite the craziness with the website, I did some good news last week!)

Ok.. back on task.. Good news for real (school related) I think that I have a good handle on Moodle.. I am checking it over and I think that I have all the requirements met and Moodle itself was not that bad...

Need to find time to do some more work on the class wiki... (how can I create a few more hours in the day... anyone???? ) and also this new assignment we were just briefed on.. I am thinking that there is not any humanly possible way to participate in everyone's discussions.. especially if we have to download various programs like Syke and some other that Chip suggested that I have never even heard of. I also have a problem with my computer's memory .. I am running out from all these programs I have downloaded since starting this Program... :)

Well.. enough chit chat.. there is a ton of work left to do in these next two weeks..

CALGON.... take me away///


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JamieMcCleese said...

Oh Denise I feel your PAIN!
I was very suprised that moodle was not as bad as I thought it would be. Though it was tough finding the hours in the day just to complete it.
I am also using Microsoft WebExpressions and I am using a templete.
Im not sure if this is going to be easier then creating one completly on my own..
Im also trying to follow tutorials and figure this whole thing out.
This should be a 16 week course on its own.
So you saved money on your car insurance huh? What company? Maybe I could shop around just for some good news! HA HA!
Good Luck-
Hang in there, Almost done....
Jamie McCleese