Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 5 already..

Wow.. I can not believe that it is week 5 already.. I also can not believe that we only have 3 weeks to complete the website, the CMS design, podcast and something about leading a discussion?? I am glad to have turned in my website design and am hoping it is what Chip is looking for.

Oh, I forgot to add the wiki assignment .. Now, I am going into panic mode.. why am I taking summer classes again.. oh yeah, to graduate in the Fall..

Anyways.. as I continue to mumble.. I hoping that we will get some ideas going for the wiki as time is ticking away on this summer session.

I am all over the place with thoughts this morning since my brain still seems to be on overload. I am happy that this is the last week for the Summer 1 class that I am taking so I will have only this class to concentrate on for the next few weeks.. there is a lot to do.. I hope I am ready for the challenge!


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