Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Instructional Applications of the Internet

Here we are in the middle of week three and I am overwhelmed again. I am glad to have the Webquest completed but am having trouble on where I should go next. Should I work on the website? What about the podcast and wiki assignments?? I also do not have access to Dreamweaver. I am hoping there is another authoring program available to use without having to purchase Dreamweaver as it is so expensive. If anyone has any ideas, please throw them at me. I think that I will start a thread on the discussion board too.

I need to look at the new information about the class wiki. I have worked a little with wikis before so it will be nice to work with something familar though I hope to learn more about them.

I have been looking over classmates WebQuests and they are all very creative. I really like the WebQuest concept and wonder if there is a way to apply this technology to my work environment??

That is all for now as my head is so full of thoughts spinning all around and I am having trouble writing a clear sentence..


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Karen Reiber said...

I am right there with you! I am still having a hard time getting together a schedule to get all this done! I set up a wiki for our last class--no one wanted to set it up so I stepped outside of my element--it wasn't so bad. I just need to get my website undercontrol. I am buried with even where to begin! Karen :)