Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Instructional Apps - WebQuest

Ok.. I think that I am getting a grasp of the webquest concept. I have finished reading through all the reference material on the Vista site. I have come up with a proposal and sent it to Chip. I am thinking about doing a Webquest on Internet safety for a 2nd grade class (this is something that really freaks me out with my own child and I will use him as the tester of my Webquest). The children will be Internet Police researching Internet safety and in the end they will compile a list of Internet safety rules to be displayed in a 2nd grade classroom.

Now.. I am off to search the internet for resources.

The fun never ends..



Karen Reiber said...

I think that is a great topic. I guess 2nd grade is great place to start with this topic. How much time do you think your students spend on a computer at home?

JamieK said...

Hey Denise, I also think that is a great topic, but I'm a little jealous I didn't think of it myself! I'm excited to see your end product. After I graduate next spring, I am planning to be a library media specialist in an elementary school, and if I had your permission I may want to use your WebQuest with my own students. What do you think?


denisewahoff said...

Karen.. Way too much (I am talking about my own kids especially my 8 year old I am not a teacher!!)
.. Especially during the summer. I leave homework assignments for them for the sitter and she is pretty good at having them complete them and I also stress that I want them outside or at the pool.. But, it is a battle to engage them in other things! Between the computer and the DS and Wii.. UGHHH!!

Jamie.. You might want to wait and see how it turns out.. but, sure.. go ahead and use it. I would love it!


Karen said...


Check out this website:

It's about internet safety. Although the game is from Canada and a little goofy, the kids will probably get something out of it. it will save you from creating this yourself.

Karen G