Monday, August 3, 2009

Last week

Yeah.. we made it to the last week..

I am trucking along on my website.. adding the finishing touches.. wow, what a learning experience. I am still not sure on my opinion on Webexpressions. I still think that you need to know a lot more CSS with Webexpression than with Dreamweaver. In the future if I have to purchase an authoring tool, I think that Dreamweaver would be my choice.

I think that my discussion leading went well. I had a great responses and liked how the topic was expanded and a lot of new information was shared. I found that asking good questions helps to keep the discussion going. Another secret to success is finding relevant and interesting material to spark interest in the topic.

I am tired, and can not wait to go to bed early for the next 3 weeks until next semester starts!

Next on the agenda today is to finish up on the wiki...

Until next time....


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